Team Prep Book
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Team Member Prep Book PDF File (Master) (formerly $35.00)'s Team Member Prep Book is our own 24-lesson Bible study course to prepare team participants for ministry, culture, and return culture shock issues. Click here for a complete list of topics. You can choose which studies your team members need. It comes with a Leader's Guide which saves you even more time and helps you be more thorough.

Our Team Member Prep Book has studies prepare for your trip and for while you are on the field as well. It's been our experience that our teams have been too tired to do full scale group Bible studies each day. So we marked the most important questions of each lesson that you might use on the field. This allows a briefer Bible study that still hits the most important points.

Though you will want to do your own study of the lessons, the Leader's Guide answers the questions in the Team Book and so saves you time and energy in preparation as well. It is included for no extra charge.