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  1. Team Departure
    1. Travel to target country
      1. Use the shepherding system to keep track of your group and keep you from pulling your hair out.
    2. Tourism
      1. I think it is bad stewardship to go all the way to another country and fail see some of the sights.
      2. Your team will need some rest and relaxation. It is the team leader's job to insist that they get it.
      3. A Travel book for your country will give you lots of ideas. These kind of activities should be decided on during the planning trip.
    3. Ministry in target country
      1. Work your activities plan.
      2. Stay flexible: "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy."
      3. See the Bible study "Faith, Flexibility and Teamwork in our Team Preparation Book.
      4. Remember that the missionary is in charge when you are on the field.
    4. Discipleship continues in daily brief team meetings
      1. Meet for Bible study. Our Team Member Discipleship Book has studies for while you are on the trip as well. Your team will likely be too tired to do full scale Bible studies each day. The Trip Preparation book marks the kernel of each lesson so that the team can do a quick Bible study that hits the most important point. The leader's guide saves you time and energy in preparation as well.
      2. Meet for prayer.
      3. Meet for reports.
      4. Meet for briefings.
      5. Meet to deal with group issues.
      6. The time allotted for each item above will vary each day, but don't let Bible study and prayer get crowded out.
      7. Remind them to keep up with their trip journals.
    5. Gather materials for a Report Back Service for your congregation.
      1. Our Trip Journal provides you with two kinds of tools to help plan the church service in which you report back to your congregation.
    6. Saying goodbye
      1. Our Trip Journal provides you with a Bible study to help with this difficult phase of the trip.
    7. Perhaps have a decompression and rest period in your target country but away from the responsibilities of the field.
    8. Travel home
      1. Use the shepherding system to keep track of your group and keep you from pulling your hair out.

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