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  1. Team Preparation
    1. Team preparation begins with the application process, so create the Team Applications (or better yet, modify ours) in order to...
      1. ...gather necessary information.
      2. appropriate commitments.
        1. to preparation.
        2. to team responsibilities.
        3. to financially support the missionaries.
    2. Make applications available.
    3. Recruit persons with specific skills if needed.
    4. Get applications returned
    5. Select team
      1. I go over the applications with a group of key people and make the team selections as a group.
      2. Send acceptance letter or email to selected team members
        • Include the FAQ, prayer requests to be included in their prayer letter, any other criteria for the prayer letter.
      3. Appoint team sub leaders as appropriate: task team leaders (medical, optometry, work crew, music, evangelism, etc.), documents custodian, team treasurer, shepherds.
    6. Discipleship/Training
      1. Begin preparation Bible studies.
        •'s Team Member Discipleship Book is our own 24-lesson Bible study discipleship course to prepare team participant for ministry, culture, and return issues. You can choose which studies your team members need. It comes with a Leader's Guide which saves you even more time and helps you be more thorough.
      2. Begin writing and giving testimonies.
    7. Begin support raising activities.
      1. Write and copy individual prayer and support letters beforehand and mail them as a group during the first team meeting.
      2. I copied this from Brigada (have you subscribed yet?): A prayer card company founded by former missionaries and owned and run by MKs offers Individualized Team PrayerCards. Team Cards were created specifically for short-term mission teams and they allow individuals within teams to customize cards for personal use while giving team leaders the ability to maintain a professional and cohesive look for the team's materials. They offer a quick turn around and reasonable cost. Doing prayer cards in house was such a hassle that we quit doing it. I will now have to consider using Creative Plus.
      3. Free Fund raising ideas I collected from Brigada participants, plus the fund raising activities we do.
    8. Purchase tickets
      1. (See travel agents under Trip Prep)
    9. Gather/Purchase equipment needed.
      1. You can find discount camping gear at CheaperThanDirt. My son who is a youth minister and rock climber goes here first whenever he is shopping for outdoor equipment.
      2. What will you haul equipment in? These Rubbermaid Tackboxes are great for transporting and storing gear. We hauled heavy tools to Haiti, and medicines and optical equipment to Kenya in them. However, this tub measures 84" (Length+Width+Depth) so just make sure your airline will transport it before you buy it. We have found airlines to be accommodating. These tackboxes are inexpensive enough that you could leave them there for the missionary to use (we did) if you don't need to bring back everything you took over (like building materials, food service stuff, and so on).
      3. If you need portable sound equipment, the Fender Passports were recommended to us by our sound expert. He was right. We took the P250 to Kenya for our team to use and to leave with our missionary. It comes with a manual, but you won't need it. It's easy to set up and use, and very tough. While we were setting up to show the Jesus Film in the Maasai Mara, we knocked one of the speakers off of the stand - five feet into the hard dirt. It still worked fine and we were still able to close the case. One request: a number of churches have made themselves and Christianity odious to the lost people of Kenya by turning up their systems very loud and praying and preaching at top volume. When the Maasai saw us setting up the sound equipment we got something of a chilly reception (very unusual). Then when they realized that we had brought a film and that we weren't trying to blow their village away with the sound, they warmed up to us very well. At least one was saved that night, and one educated Maasai said to me, "Thank you for coming all the way from America to tell us about Christianity. People come here all the time to tell us about health, but what we really need is Christianity!" So let's do both, but not at top volume. These units will serve you well:
        1. Fender P-150 Passport Sound System
        2. Fender P-250 Passport Sound System
      4. For our mission trip to Spain, our hometown mayor gave me a key to the city, to be presented to the mayor of the Spanish town we were working in. We were routed from Houston through Miami on that trip, and as we were going through the very hectic check in and security transferring from a domestic to an international airline, my old borrowed luggage was put up on the rollers to be screened. I saw that the borrowed luggage had come open. The key to the city was gone! AND I had to struggle with the suitcase to get it closed while it was moving down the conveyor. I made a note to get proper luggage before the next trip. Good luggage really isn't expensive when you amortize the cost out over the period of the warrantee (often 10 years). I have seen some very reasonable prices at eBags.
      5. CheaperThanDirt has several reasonably priced group First Aid kits.
      6. Mission2Go has an excellent orientation to water sources and water purification.
      7. Evangelistic Material and Literature
        1. Jesus Video
        2. No Frontiers Christian literature to the world
        3. United Bible Societies
    10. Create Team T-shirt or Polo Shirt.
      1. Team t-shirts or polos make it much easier for the team leader to identify the group quickly in crowds while traveling. The shirts also prompt questions from people who see that you are a group traveling together and create opportunities to witness. Shirts build team identity and team spirit, too.
    11. Get travel health insurance. Regular medical insurance may not cover you out of the country, especially the return of your remains to your home country :-)
    12. Create "Why we are going to (Field Name)" tract.
    13. Create Emergency Card
      1. Sample emergency card.
      2. on laminated card stock or paper stock, giving the trip medical insurance info, emergency contact info in country, phone card code so they can call you if they get separated from the group, and the trip dates info for filling out Immigration landing cards or visa applications.
    14. Get a completed, signed and notarized Power of Attorney for any minor. Example
    15. Team Commissioning service
    16. Gather passports in advance

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