Links for Other Governments
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Great news for our brothers and sisters outside the U.S.A.! Our shopping cart has been changed so that you can take advantage of our products now. This page contains links to helpful information from the governments of English-speaking countries besides the USA. They are listed in alphabetical order. Did I leave your country out? Email me and I'll see what I can do.

  1. Government information for residents of Australia.
    1. Austrailian Passport Information
    2. Australian Embassies
    3. Customs Information For Australians
    4. Australian Travel Advisories
    5. The Australian Government sends people to this site for immunisation and health advice.
    6. Advice about travel health insurance
  2. Government information for residents of Canada (they have a beautiful website).
    1. Yahoo's list of Canadian Embassies in other countries
    2. Canadian Passport Information
    3. Canadian Border Services (Customs and Duties)
    4. Canadian Government Foreign Travel Information
    5. Canadian Government Immunizations Recommendations
    6. Canadian Government Travel Warnings
    7. Mentions arranging for Travel Health Insurance since provincial health insurance may not cover you out of the country.
  3. Government information for residents of Ireland.
    1. Applying for an Irish passport
    2. Irish embassies
    3. Vaccinations and Health Tips
    4. Health issues when travelling abroad (links to more immunization details)
    5. Customs and Duties
    6. Ireland appears to put their travel advice in with their other press releases. Try searching for your target country.
  4. Government information for residents of New Zealand.
    1. New Zealand passport information
    2. Yahoo's embassy list
    3. New Zealand Customs and Duties
    4. Overseas Representatives to New Zealand for visa applications.
  5. Government information for residents of the Republic of South Africa.
    1. South African passport info
    2. South African Embassies, etc. list
  6. Government information for residents of the United Kingdom.
    1. UK Passport Info and Application
    2. UK Consulates and Embassies
    3. Immunisations and travel health
    4. Country Travel Advice
    5. Customs and Duties Information
    6. Information on health care for travellers
  • Other resources
    1. The European Health Insurance Cardfrom the Ireland website.
    2. World Health Organization recommendations
      1. Vaccination requirements and malaria situation
      2. WHO recommendations by country