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Helping you sow much!

Welcome! The mission of MissionTripTools.com is to support your mission.

We do this by providing what you need to prepare your short term mission team:

  • We've outlined a short term mission planning process in four phases

  • turned it into a tutorial web site with links to

  • FREE helpful advice, about how to get approval for a short term mission trip, how to organize a trip and how to finance or fund short term mission trips,

  • FREE tools to help with organizing short term mission trips,

  • convenient links to suppliers for the equipment you need,

  • and our MissionTripTools.com products for preparing yourself and discipling your team for a good short term mission trip experience and beyond.

Our goal is to save you time, money and sweat as you prepare and lead your short term summer mission trip, or a short term mission trip later in the year.

Even if you are brand new to mission trips you'll find the help you need here.

Our web site and products are rooted in the Bible, and shaped by our experience with short term trips to Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Kenya, England, Croatia and Haiti.
In case you're wondering, we are in full and happy agreement with the doctrinal statement of the IFMA.
If you'll let us know about your trip, we'd be glad to pray for you.

Privacy policy: Missiontriptools.com won't share your email address with anybody.
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Reasons why your church should do a mission trip.
(The rationale for short term missions. Feel free to use this in talking to your church and board.)

    Done properly...
  • a mission trip enhances the spiritual growth of the entire church.

  • a mission trip can be done from a church of almost any size. Even a small church can do a short term trip.

  • a mission trip gives team members a goal that motivates commitment to spiritual development.

  • a mission trip gives us a way to participate in obedience to the Bible (the Great Commission).

  • a mission trip can advance a missionary's work rather than delay it.

  • a mission trip can bring great excitement to your church.

  • a mission trip can be the entry point for God to work in a whole new way in your church.

  • a mission trip can develop skills and attitudes in your team members that will benefit the growth of your church.

  • a mission trip can increase your church's financial giving to missions especially

There's more than one way to organize a mission trip, but we'd like to help you by laying out one way to do a mission trip properly. Ready to get started? Click on the Trip Prep button above! And let us know how we can help!

If you need a speaker on short term missions or some on-site consulting, it is possible that Kevin could be available. It can't hurt to ask!

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